The Magic Gourd (Aesop Prize Award)


The Magic Gourd (Aesop Prize Award)


Coretta Scott King Honor author/artist tells a tale from Mali about a magic gourd that can fill itself with whatever its owner desires. Hidden within is a powerful lesson about generosity.

Draught and famine have come to the parched forest. When a hungry Rabbit rescues Brother Chameleon from a thorny bush, Chameleon repays him tenfold with a magical gourd that always stays filled with food and water. Soon, a greedy king steals the gourd to make gold and food for himself. Cleverly, Rabbit recovers his gourd, but still leaves plenty for the King. Surprised by Rabbit’s kind act, the king begins to learn the importance of generosity and friendship.

Exciting illustrations in bright ceramic plates, bowls and sculpture practically dance off of the pages.

For children ages 4-8 years | K-3rd Grade | 32 pages


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