Consonant Digraphs

A digraph is two letters that make one sound.

Digraphs can occur at the beginning, middle or end of a word. A digraph can be made up of either vowels or consonants. Consonant digraphs are two letters that make a single sound at the beginning, middle or end of a word. Examples of consonant digraphs are:

At the beginning of a word

ch as in chat

ph as in phone

sh as in ship

th as in thick

wr as in write

In the middle of a word

ph as in nephew or dolphin

th as in another or weather

At the end of a word

ch as in touch

ck as in sock

ph as in graph

sh as in flash

Consonant Digraph Wheels

Download the Digraph Wheels [CH, QU, SH, TH, WR] below, cut out (laminate first or cut out and glue onto a piece of cardboard or print out on cardstock) and attach a spinner. See the Word Cards for the names of the pictures. For spinner ideas, see below.

Beginning Students – Take turns spinning the spinner and see how many consonant digraph words you can guess by looking at the pictures. 

Middle Students – See if you can find the word card that matches the picture your spinner lands on. Write the word down. Teachers: Cut out the matching word cards for each wheel.

Advanced Students – Spin the spinner and write down the name of the picture your spinner lands on.

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