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learning to read

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Children as young as 3-4 years of age can be taught to read. However, before we start with the familiar building blocks of words (the letters A-Z), children need to be instructed in proper reading behavior.

First, pick out a children’s book of any kind.

Next, make sure your child/student is seated (preferably at a desk).

Show your child the book’s front cover. Point out the following items and read them out loud to your child:

  1. the book’s title
  2. the book’s author/illustrator

Then, show your child the book’s back cover.

Lastly, demonstrate with your child the correct way to hold a book (in their hands/lap) while reading. Make sure the book is right side up and explain that books are read from left to right or front cover to back cover (beginning to end). Start reading!


Lesson One {A} {B}

Lesson Two {C} {D} {E}

Lesson Three {F} {G}

Lesson Four {H} {I}

Lesson Five {J} {K}

Lesson Six {L} {M}

Lesson Seven {N} {O}

Lesson Eight {P} {Q}

Lesson Nine {R} {S}

Lesson Ten {T} {U}

Lesson Eleven {V} {W}

Lesson Twelve {X} {Y} {Z}


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