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Children can start learning to read between the ages of pre-K and Kindergarten. In the U.S., most beginning reading instruction starts with phonics and phonemic awareness, or the sounds of letters and letter combinations. Typically, children start by learning the sounds of the individual alphabet letters (A, B, C, etc…). Next, they learn high-frequency sight words, rhyming words, and three-letter Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) words. Then they move on to consonant blends and digraphs. Finally, they begin to read short 3- and 4- word sentences.

Visit our Learn to Read! page for reading resources. Or visit individual lesson sites at the links below:

Lesson One

{A} {B}

Lesson Two

{C} {D} {E}

Lesson Three

{F} {G}

Lesson Four

{H} {I}

Lesson Five

{J} {K}

Lesson Six

{L} {M}

Lesson Seven

{N} {O}

Lesson Eight

{P} {Q}

Lesson Nine

{R} {S}

Lesson Ten

{T} {U}

Lesson Eleven

{V} {W}

Lesson Twelve

{X} {Y} {Z}


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