Korean Children’s Favorite Stories


Korean Children’s Favorite Stories:


By Kim So-Un (author) and Jeong Kyoung-Sim (illustrator) for children ages 5-10 or grade level Kindergarten-5th.

Part of a series of Asian children’s stories published by Tuttle Publishing, a leader in producing English-language books about the arts, languages and cultures of Asia. 

This colorfully illustrated multicultural Korean children’s book presents Korean fairy tales and other folk stories—providing insight into a vibrant literary culture.

Korean Children’s Favorite Stories is a captivating collection of Korean folktales for generations of Korean children. Some are Korean-specific, while others echo those told in other countries. Written with wit and pathos, they unveil the inevitable foibles of people everywhere.

These Korean fables pulsate with the rhythm of life and the seasons, transporting the reader to a wonderland where ants talk, a baby rabbit outwits a tiger, a tree fathers a child, and a toad saves a whole village.

Korean stories include:

  • The Grateful Tiger: the story of a magical tiger, which demonstrates how empathy and kindness can affect your life in a positive way
  • The Disowned Student: an intriguing tale of of a stolen identity and spirit
  • The Pheasant, the Dove and the Magpie: the story of three ungrateful birds, one tough mouse, and why pheasants’ cheeks are red
  • And more…

korean childrens favorite stories

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