8-year old Iraqi Girl Publishes Coronavirus Book for Children

Manar Alkamil, an 8-year-old Iraqi girl, took advantage of her time in the coronavirus lockdown to write a children’s book in which she expresses her thoughts about the pandemic, how it affected her life and ways to be protected from the virus.

Alkamil first started expressing her thoughts with a pencil on her notebook. Her mother thought it could go into a book and raise awareness about COVID-19 among children. It then developed into what is now published under the title “Get Safe From The Coronavirus”.

“I made this book so that children know how to protect themselves from this ugly coronavirus. In the book, there are comics and many other things about this coronavirus,” the 8-year-old said.

Alkamil’s father, Ithar Hesham, assures all writing in the book are his daughter’s but doctor family members helped with the medical information to ensure accuracy.

Alkamil wrote the book in Iraq, but the first 85 copies were printed and distributed to friends and relatives in the United States, where Alkamil used to live until June 2019.

In Iraq, a local publishing house supported the young writer’s talents and will help her family in publishing more than 500 copies of the book free of charge, half of them in English and half in Arabic.

The books will be distributed to libraries in Basra, the culture minister and the school where Alkamil studies.

Iraq has recorded 832,428 COVID-19 cases and 14,212 deaths caused by the virus, as of Sunday (March 28).

To watch Manar’s interview online, click here or visit Reuters for a transcript.


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